Will fat grafting make me look fat and can you do fat grafting in the lower eyelid with a lower eyelid blepharoplasty?

Fat injections (fat filler, fat transfer, fat grafting, pearl fat grafting) done right will not make you look fat just younger. Repeating the lower eyelid blepharoplasty and doing fat grafting is not a familiar course for me. I either do one or the other and I tend to do more fat grafting.  I only consider the lower blepharoplasty with fat grafting when there is an extraordinary amount of fat in the lower eyelids and this is not common.  Most of the time when you remove fat and skin from the lower eyelids you tend to look hollow there.  Fat grafting as a whole can really help this area by bringing back the volume to the lower eyelid and upper cheek area.  Also combining the two procedures can have an impact on the fat survival in my experience.  With fat grafting, I always have patients bring in photos of themselves when they were between 10-20 years old.  This helps me to determine where to put the fat.  Fat grafting will not necessarily make you look fat at all. When placed correctly, it can dramatically make you look younger.You just need to put the fat in the right places. Also browlifting is more complicated than most surgeons think.  A little can do a lot to make someone look surprised.  Many times fat grafting around the eyes, temple, and forehead can really make someone look younger in this area while elevating the eyebrows or giving the illusion that it has been elevated. You can see my before and afters at this link: http://www.drphilipyoung.com/procedures/youngvitalizer/

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

Dr Young specializes in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington

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