Chin Reduction Surgery

Some people are born with more prominent chins.  In the case of Jay Leno, it is a distinguishing characteristic and enhances his appearance.  For most women, however a prominent chin can be a very undesirable trait.  For those women, and men, a chin reduction procedure (chin cosmetic surgery, chin reshaping, chin shaping, chin plastic surgery) can be essentially a life changing thing.  Chin reduction surgery is actually very safe to do.  A small incision can be made under the chin and the chin is exposed.  With different instruments, you can shape the bone down to a much more pleasing contour.  The procedure can be done as an outpatient and takes about a couple of hours or so.  It can be done under oral sedation, iv sedation, totally asleep as with general anesthesia or with just local sedation for the really brave.  This would all depend on your comfort level and your desires.  Here is a link to watch a video(s) on this procedure where you can see a live demonstration.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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