How painful is dermabrasion? How would you rate the pain level? What are some anesthesia options for dermabrasion?

Intense Pulse Light is a procedure where a wire brush is used to take down superficial and deeper layers of the skin to reduce scars, improve wrinkles, decrease pigmentary problems, etc.  It works under the same principle as Usually dermabrasion is not done without some type of anesthesia.  The types of anesthesia include local, regional, oral / iv sedation, general anesthesia.  Most physicians use a combination of above to do dermabrasion.  If it is a concentrated area like a scar, local anesthesia can be the only thing needed depending on the normal anxiety levels that a person usually gets in this type of situation.  If the person is likely to get anxious than oral or iv sedation can help.  For the whole face and larger areas, some type of whole body sedation through oral or iv sedation is helpful.  Regional anesthesia where the nerves are anesthetized can help the whole situation.

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