Is there a cheaper option for repairing the earlobe that are stretched out with gauges and is it possible to repair these for $400 for both ears which I’ve found over the internet.

The price of 400 for ear lobe repair (otoplasty, ear reshaping, ear shaping, ear plastic surgery, ear cosmetic surgery) that you mentioned could be for one ear.  Also before knowing that is the price, when you actually go to the particular office they may mention that you need to pay a facility fee and anesthesia fee that could make that much more.  Be sure to ask about all the fees.  If it is true that the price they gave you is $400 for both ears and no other costs, I would check to see how well they do the procedure.  Sometimes, you get what you pay for.  Take a look at their results.  When you are talking about gauges, this could mean a significantly complicated repair that could require time.  For that price, if they take shortcuts, which often people do when they price things aggressively like that, you might not get what you wanted completely.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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