Ice pick scars from a previous doctor who used a needle to treat my acne.

This is a question that I answered for a patient who had another doctor treat his active acne.

The acne scars that you are talking about can occur from regular acne.  There are many people with ice pick type of scars.  The needle surgery that your doctor did would have helped more than hurt.  The expression of the pus from the acne that are infected would have caused much bigger scars if the needle didn’t express the pus away.  Now with your scars there are many ways to approach them.  One is through deep chemical peels that can be applied to the deep part of the those scars.  This can help to an extent.  What might even be better is to have them excised and then after that heals you can then have the areas resurfaced with lasers, like co2 lasers.  The excision then resurfacing route can lead to excellent results.  I also employ dermasanding to the deeper scars after doing a few passes to the lesions / scars when I do Acne Scar Treatment (Seattle).  You can search my website for some results and examples.

Here is a live demonstration video of an Acne Treatment Procedure.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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