There is a puckered area in my eyelid crease after double eyelid asian surgery.

This is a question that I answered for a patient who had this puckering that was creating a raised area that also affected the crease and they were a week post surgery from an Asian Double Eyelift (Bellevue, Washington):

The puckered area could be a local area of inflammation that will resolve with time and all of your worries will be alleviated.  Sometimes these areas of swelling will lead to changes in your eyelid crease.  Once the swelling goes away, the crease will improve.  If you were to do anything right now the results of this could be disasterous.  One mantra that consistently is passed between surgeons new and old is “the enemy of a good result is a perfect one.” Meaning that there is a phenomenon when the more you do to improve a situation to perfect (which is unattainable) will sometimes reach a point that the more you do the worse it gets.  This mantra would apply in this case.  Here is video on Asian Blepharoplasty and Medial epicanthoplasty.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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