Chemical peels can be uncomfortable but depends on the depth of peels.

Chemical peel (Dr Young’s Chemical Peels) can be uncomfortable but depends on the depth of peels.  Superficial peels can even be uncomfortable and many times I will use a hand held fan in my practice.  The other doctors mention that chemical peels don’t really hurt.  I would tend to disagree based on my experience.  Jessner’s peels are superficial but they are uncomfortable but tolerable.  Anything using tca 20% or more will cause discomfort that will need oral sedation or iv sedation in my opinion for my patients comfort along with topical anesthesia.  Glycolic peels are more superficial than Jessner’s peels but they are still uncomfortable in my experience. I’ve done these myself on myself.  So make sure to ask your doctor what they do to make you feel more comfortable.  There are things that can be done!

I hope that helps.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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