Genioplasty or Chin Implant to move the chin forward without increasing the vertical height.

Genioplasty or Chin Implant (Dr Philip Young, Seattle) to move the chin forward without increasing the vertical height during chin cosmetic surgery (or chin plastic surgery, chin enhancement surgery).  This can be done but can be tricky.  Anytime you project the chin forward, because the chin is usually angled in a inferior direction and not horizontally straight (you can see this by using two mirrors and looking at your side profile), Any lengthening of the chin will cause some vertical lengthening.  You can avoid this by making some adjustments to the chin implant, by tailoring the bottom of the chin implant.  The other more advanced way is to reduce the vertical chin height by taking the bone down in the vertical dimension and then augmenting it more horizontally.  In general genioplasty is favored among plastic surgeons due to the easier procedural steps, less complications, and less operation time to name just a few reasons.

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