Can Facial Nerve Damage occur with Rhinoplasty and Chin Reduction Surgery?

Facial Nerve Damage from Rhinoplasty (Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr Young Bellevue) and Chin Reduction Surgery (Philip Young MD, Bellevue, WA) is extremely rare.  From Rhinoplasty, Facial Nerve Damage would be something that you could report in the literature because it is extremely rare.  I have never heard of that ever.  So you worry about Rhinoplasty causing that should be lessened.  Chin Reduction surgery is a viable concern. When you do this type of surgery, you have to elevate the chin area.  Superficial to this elevation, you do have nerve fibers from the facial nerve that traverse this area.  If one were not in the right plane you could damage this nerve although this is still pretty rare.  Also with Chin reduction surgery, you need to tailor the skin envelope to accomodate the smaller chin after reducing the bone volume.  this tailoring can injure the nerve. One thing to remember is that, at that point you are dealing with end fibers of the facial nerve and likely regeneration will occur without any effects if it were to happen.  But more laterally when you do your reduction you need to be careful to stay in the right planes.  That might be too much information.  In general, the risk of facial nerve damage from either procedure is extremely rare!

I hope that helps.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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