How do you get naturally looking lips and what are some tips for natural looking lip plumping?

Aesthetics are key to understanding the lips and how to make them beautiful through lip augmentation (Dr Young Lip Enhancement in his Bellevue Office). Aesthetics in the face is really understanding facial beauty and this is central to the process of making one’s face and lips beautiful.  Previous theories do not have a good explanation for how a lip should appear in its most beautiful state.  I would invite you to visit my blog and website to see more answers to this.  But I discovered a new theory on facial aesthetics called the Circles of Prominence that I think answers some of these questions. To me the lip is assessed by the highlights that it creates. If you look at someone next to you, you will notice that all the light hits the lower lips.  This is very important.  You retina is highly sensitive to light and dark.  The highlights that the lower lip creates attracts a lot of attention and it is the lower lip that is the center of attention in the mouth area. The lower lip should be the same height as the iris and the puckering that it creates should be 3 iris widths.  Essentiially the lip emulates the shape of the eye, usually in reverse form.  The lower lip should be half the height of the lower lip and the puckering of the upper lip should be centered and should be one iris width in width and again one half an iris width in height.  The goals of augmentation should be to reach this.  This is the reason that many hollywood people who get their upper lips too big start to look odd.  You don’t know why inherently, but your brain does.  And the reasons I stipulated above explains why your brain feels the way it does.  Whether you use temporary fillers, like restylane, juvederm, perlane or more permanent options.  These aesthetic goals you should direct your surgeon in how to augment your lips.  More permanent options include fat injections, vy advancements, lip lifts, or silicone solid implants, like surgisil, or permalip.

I hope that helps.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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