How much bandaging do you receive after a facelift? by Dr. Philip Young

How much bandaging do you receive after a facelift? by Dr. Philip Young

Plastic surgeons vary in terms on how much bandaging they do when they do Facelifts  I personally do not like to rely on bandaging to hold the skin down and prevent fluid accumulation.  When your bandages are too tight you can create a situation where your skin doesn’t get blood flow as easily and readily.  This can put your skin at risk for having problems like skin partially not surviving.  I usually use drains to do this, and they have been scientifically proven over many studies to benefit decreasing blood flow although they haven’t been shown to prevent very large accumulations of bleeding which is often called a hematoma.  I believe that drains are a lot better for the healing from a facelift and do minimal bandaging.  I just use a sticky ace wrap that is 4 inches in width and some gauze pads underneath.  I usually say to wrap 24 hours for the first week or two if they can and then to wrap for the first two months at night.  Pressure from the bandaging can help with healing over this time.  You can do this wrapping for a longer time if you have additional swelling.

Here is a video on Facelifting:

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