Lip scars around the border of my lips are hard, sensitive and I have discomfort when I smile and talk, etc. What are some options to make this situation better?

Steroid injections and possibly fat injections could soften the scars up during scar revision (Doctor Philip Young Seattle Washington) (scar improvement, cosmetic scar surgery, plastic surgery of scars).  It sounds like the main reason for your questions is the feeling of the scars and not the actually appearance.  Scar revision for appearance would be a totally different thing.  I think that steroids would be something that could soften up the scars. It may take a couple of treatments to get the right effect.  I usually do injections every 6-10 weeks.  There are risks with steroid injections like poor wound healing, muscle and bone loss, hormonal changes, water retention, weight gain, hair growth, changes in your appearance, psychiatric issues, change in appetite, etc that you should be aware of.  But these are associated with more long term risks that you get when you ingest steroids for long periods of time.  Also fat injections are great to break up scar contracture and also repair the area, although this would depend on how it looked. Fat brings soft feeling tissue to the area and can also break up the scars and the tough tissue within the scars.  This will require some knowledge on how to use certain instruments to get this effect on the part of your surgeon.

If you didn’t like the way the scars looked then some type of scar revision would be possible.  You can excise the scars out with a new closure of the incision.  Laser resurfacing can be another option to improve the surface quality of the scars.

I hope that helps.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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