I would like my crease to be higher but I’ve already had a double eyelid operation done for my Asian Eyes? Also I would like the corner’s of my eyes operated on for a larger looking eye.

Double eyelid crease formation and epicanthoplasty can be done as a revision.  There are a few nuances that need to be considered in this situation.  Making a higher crease, will or may entail a higher incision and fixation at a higher point with also more skin excision.  It is usually easier than making a higher crease smaller.  When you mention opening the corner of your eyes, do you mean the inner or outer corners.  The inner corners are more likely the area that will open your eyes more than the outer corners from a congenital standpoint.  Asian epicanthal folds are in the medial or inner corners of the eyes. This is what distinguishes Asians from Caucasians in many Asian people and not the outer corner of the eyes.  I have seen many results from the outer corners being cut and they don’t make as much difference as when the procedure in the inner part of the eyes are done.  One thing to remember is that most Asian appearing eyes have a crease that is 3mm or less when the eyes are open.  When they are larger they begin to take on more of a western caucasian look.  There are studies that validate this assertion in the literature.  Here is video on Asian Blepharoplasty and Medial epicanthoplasty.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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