Browlifts in someone with a High Forehead

Browlifts (Dr Philip Young Seattle Washington) are usually done through an incision behind the hairline in traditional methods.  This allows the eyebrows to be elevated and the muscles in between the eye to be resected or modified to keep the eyebrows from creating the “elevens” wrinkles or the wrinkles in between the eyes that create an angry look.  Resecting the muscle makes it so that making an angry look becomes much harder.  The incision behind the hairline can be used to elevate the eyebrows but this often can lead to an even higher forehead or more posterior hairline that is sometimes unwanted in someone who already has a high forehead.  This can be avoided by making the incision within the front of the hairline so the hairline is not pulled back.  The minor drawback is the incision within the front of the hairline.  But the incision can be adjusted so that the hair can grow through the incision to hide it better.  Limited incision browlifts can also be done to avoid a long incision across the scalp but these tend to also elevate the hairline.

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