High Hairline and options for Improving this Masculine Look.

If you have a high forehead there are options for you.  Lowering your hairline is an option that can be done.  Hair transplants are one way of doing this.  This approach is highly technique dependent and requires a lot of time to do this.  Another way of doing this is to lower the hairline through a procedure that requires an incision within the front of the hairline that is a variation of a Brow Lift.  Then what is needed in elevation of the hair posteriorly and a little bit anteriorly.  Release of the scalp’s tension is then sometimes needed to allow the hairline to come forward.  Anchoring the hairline in a lower position is then done by fixing the hairline to the bone of the forehead. A browlift can also be done in concurrence if needed.  Further elevation done to the orbital bones is required for a browlift and after the release of the eyebrows you can then elevate the eyebrows to the desired position.  A look at myFacial Beautycan help one to figure out how high the forehead should be.

I hope that was interesting for you!

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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