I am wondering if a brow lift, asian double eyelid crease procedure or a epicanthoplasty in the medial or lateral area would make my eyes look better.

This is a question that I answered for a patient:

A double eyelid and a medial epicanthoplasty would be fitting for you. In my opinion and the opinion of many of my colleagues a lateral epicanthoplasty usually leaves something less than desired for many people.  What distinguishes an Asian Eyelid from a caucasian eyelid is usually the medial canthus where an epicanthal fold is present in about 50-80% of Asians.  This has an effect of making the eyes smaller horizontally.  I see the hooded portion in the lateral part of your eye.  However, I believe that if you were to do a double eyelid crease formation that part of your eye would be tacked upward and will be markedly improved.  I do see that you have an extra fold in the medial part of your eye that is called the epicanthus. Because the picture shows that the fold covers that fleshy part of your eye in the middle part I would classify this as a type 3 epicanthal fold. If it was partially covering the fleshy part it would be classified as a type 2.  An epicanthoplasty would open up your eyes horizontally here a great deal.  I don’t think you need a brow lift. I think the distance from eyelid margin and your brows is long enough and a brow lift would make you look surprised. I really think that you need some fat in your eyelid or some type of filler there to volumize this area.  If you look at some pictures of you when your were a child you will see more fullness there where the volume could recreate some youth for you there. As for the lateral epicanthoplasty, you can always do that later but I really don’t think that it will ever enhance your appearance.

I hope that was interesting for you!

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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