What is the recovery for Asian Blepharoplasty?

Recovery from Asian Blepharoplasty (Dr Young is in Seattle Washington) varies and depends on the patient. Generally, the recover takes a week or so. The swelling in the eyes can sometimes take longer to get over depending on your genetics, likelihood of bleeding, your bodies inherent healing properties, etc. Recovery is typically longer than standard blepharoplasty. With Asian blepharoplasty, you have to get to a deeper level in order to recreate the crease. This extra dissection can lead to more swelling, bruising, etc. Techniques to increase the longevity of your crease can add to the healing. But the benefit is that your crease will last longer. I have techniques that make the crease last longer. You can read my blog to find out more about how I do the Asian Blepharoplasty. Another general common understanding of wound healing is that you usually get 60% of your healing the first 6 weeks.  You get 80% at 6 months.  You have 89% of the healing by 2 years and then it tapers off after that.  Look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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