Transgender Surgery Involves Multiple Steps

There are multiple procedural steps for someone interested in Transgender Surgery (Dr Young specializes in Transgender Facial Surgery in Bellevue, Washington).  The order by which you undergo these procedures can be individulized based on the particular person’s needs and anatomy.  1. Rhinoplasty, 2. Lip Augmentation (including Lip Lifts, Lip Plumping, V-Y Advancements, Lip Implants / Surgisil), 3. Chin Reduction Procedure, 4. Browlift, Brow Bone Reduction, Hairline Lowering, 5. Cheek Implants, 6. Fat injections to soften the facial structures, 7. Tracheal Shave / Thyroid Cartilage Reduction, 8. Angle of the Mandible Reduction or Botox Mandible Reduction, 9. Other Adjunctive Procedures including Blepharoplasty, Hair Reduction, etc.  The patient below had a conservative rhinoplasty, Permalip Implants, Lip VY Advancements, Chin Reduction, Browlift with Brow Bone Reduction, Hairline Lowering procedures.  We are planning on Cheek implants to heighten the highlights of his cheeks, fat injections to soften all of his features, tracheal shave in the future.  Notice his higher eyebrows.  Now this can be interpreted as being high for some people tastes.  This was something that we had discussed with the patient and he likes the brows little more elevated.  The ideal should be that the distance from the bottom of the eyebrow to the eyelid margin should be about one to one and 1/2 iris widths.  Also notice the difference in his chin and the decreased prominence of his chin.   He also had permalip lip implants to enhance his lip’s size. The VY advancements in his lips has created more of an eversion to his lips so that it shows more red in his pout.  The other procedure that we did for this patient is that we also resected his brow muscles that are between his eyes.  These muscles pull the eyebrows closer together and give a person a stern, mean look.  These muscles also created the veritical and horizontal lines in between the eyes.  Resecting these muscles decreases a persons ability to do these maneuvers and decreases the wrinkles there.   Also it allows the brows to become higher naturally because the brow depressor muscles are weakened.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

Dr Young specializes in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington



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