Chin reshaping by cutting out a wedge of bone or shaving it down, what is the best approach?

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I’d like to get some information on chin shaving. Overall, I’d say that I have a chin that is long (in the vertical direction). I would estimate my reduction would be somewhere around 7-8 mm. I read a blog website that chin reduction in the vertical direction is usually done via removing a wedge between the upper and lower portions of the chin, rather than shaving off the bottom – where a witch’s chin deformity may result. Is this the procedure you would recommend, or it is just one Dr’s preference ? Would this procedure be done under general anesthetic ??

That is one way of doing things.  But if you read more articles on chin shaping (Dr Young is in Bellevue, near Seattle WA), the articles reflect the opinion of many people doing this, is that when you cut a wedge of bone there are other risks.  You are more likely to get nerve damage.  After you remove the middle part of the bone, it usually creates a step off on the sides that makes it more difficult to smooth out.  Also after doing the wedge of bone you need to use plates and screws to fix the bone cuts.  The bone that is left also has the potential to become devascularized and lose volume.  Also this method doesn’t allow you as much room for contouring the soft tissue after the reduction. If you try to contour the soft tissue like skin etc you can further devascularize the bone segment. Also this procedure can be done under local and iv sedation.  Also I would approach this from the outside under your chin.  I would not go through your mouth as this leads to more complications. Here is a video on chin reduction for you to see.

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