There are temporal lifts that can elevate the lateral parts of your eyebrow and eye.

This is a question that I answered for a patient that was wondering if there is a skin lift in the temporal areas that could lift the eyes and eyebrows for a more exotic look.  She was able to create this look by pulling her hairback like putting it into a ponytail type fashion:

There are temporal lifts (Philip Young MD, Bellevue near Seattle, Washington) that can elevate the lateral parts of your eyebrow and eye.  These lifts do entail excising, or cutting, skin.  But they also entail lifting the muscle or some form of plicating the muscle like a pleat to lift the muscle.  The elevation of the muscle gives the lift some longevity.  I understand the question that you are asking.  But from the answers of the doctors, I can see that they are interpretating your question literally and that might be limiting their answer.  Yes you can lift the skin, but with the lift in order to ensure that you can create some longevity, you should also work on the muscle.  These lifts can lift your lateral eyebrow and also lift the corner of your eye as well (although this can be more difficult and complicated.  Also there are special lifts that pull up on the muscles on the sides of your eyes that can help with the overall lift.  This procedure is not as well known to plastic surgeons.  This can improve crows feet.

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