Ptosis in the left eyelid that could be from a previous Asian Blepharoplasty to create a double eyelid crease

This was a question a lady asked me after she received a double eyelid crease with her Asian Blepharoplasty procedure.  She felt that her crease was too high and she lost her ethnicity.  She also felt that her left eyelid was lower which made her left eye smaller.  She thought that there might be a ptosis in that eye.

Here is how I answered her question:

Ptosis in the eyelid is correctable and you can lower your crease after Asian Blepharoplasty.   Sometimes doing an Asian Blepharoplasty will reveal a ptosis that wasn’t as apparent before the procedure because the Asian Blepharoplasty can remove the skin that over hangs the eyelid margin that can hide a ptosis.  Ptosis surgery can be done by a doctor that does a lot of Asian double eyelid surgeries.  It just entails shortening the muscle that elevates the eyelid margin called the levator aponeurosis.  This is the same muscle that you have to work with to create the double eyelid crease in Asian Blepharoplasty.  Some choose to wait to do the double eyelid asian blepharoplasty after the ptosis surgery.  In my hands, I have confidence in getting a good result doing them at the same time.  Revision asian blepharoplasty to lower the crease is a difficult procedure.  It entails releasing the scar, and then adding fat into the area to block the readhesion of the crease and recreating the new eyelid crease. Here is a video on asian blepharoplasty.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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