Dr Young’s ideas on Singer Charice and her quests to change her look through Plastic Surgery (Bellevue, Washington)

Charice is a wonderful singer as I have seen her perform on Oprah.  Recently, there has been information on her seeking the advice from plastic surgeons.  What has been talked about is her recent use of botox for her episode on Glee.  Botox is great for younger people to keep the wrinkles at bay.  Especially when they get nervous and start to create alot of wrinkles in their forehead, in between their eyes and crows feet.  In can give people the impression that they are more relaxed than what is really going on inside.  Many times when people get nervous they may lose their sense of how they are appearing.  They crunch their eyebrows and it makes them look mean.  They raise their eyebrows when they get nervous and you can tell they are nervous.  Botox comes all of those things down and you look better, more relaxed, and not as nervous.

She also is inquiring about make her face less round and what she can do to make her self look better.  I did an analysis on her based on my theory on facial aesthetics.  Although her face is tilted.  In general what the diagonal lines are showing you is that her cheeks and lower cheek areas are really dominate.  The middle oblique, and the vertial line is where the shadowing should be increasing markedly as it you go from lateral and inferiorly.  But  you see in the picture that her cheeks still are showing a lot of highlight in this area.  This is seen in the first figure.  The second are before and afters of my morphing to show you how she would look with some jaw and cheek reduction surgery and rhinoplasty.  I think she could look a lot better by narrowing her face and also making her nose a little smaller in the tip area.  She might also need some mesotherapy or microliposuction in her cheeks.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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