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Chin Implant learning videos update

Friday, May 13th, 2016

We just updated our page on live videos on chin implant surgery covering topics like revision surgery, chin reduction surgery, keys to a successful revision chin surgery, and fillers in the chin to help with chin aging. For chin implant revision surgeries, if you are considering a smaller implant, you should know that putting a smaller implant is better than taking the original chin implant out without putting anything back in. If no chin implant is replaced, the chin can ball up and deformities can arise.  Chin revision surgeries always make the mental nerve harder to identify. Also we believe in fixing the chin implant and leaving less room for error. Titanium screws fix the chin implant so that there is less motion, there is less risk for movement and asymmetry, there is less chance for infections, there is less erosion. This takes longer but we like the much better results.

For chin reduction surgery you will see how it is done in a live video demo. We make the incision under the chin in a well hidden position. Chin reduction can be done for feminization for females and transgender females. The chin is burred down with a drill and soft tissue is removed to help the chin adapt.

Fillers in the chin can help with chin aging. A new view is that the chin shrinks so that marionette lines and nasolabial folds become more prominent. Filling in the chin can have a major impact on making someone look younger in the mouth region

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Jaw Implants and how they are related to facial aging

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

So I started do weekly updates on how its like to be in the plastic surgery world and we like to include funny stories and interesting stories or interesting topics. We would like to do this about every week. This is the first video on Jaw Implants and how we assess them as well as how they are related to facial aging. Which is kind of interesting.


Dr Philip Young and our Team at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

Jaw Silicone Lateral Implants and determining what size you need

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

In general, we use implantech implants and their silicone jaw implants come in 3 sizes 8,10,12 mm. This is the amount of lateral projection for the jaws. The first way to see how they would look is to place the sizers on the area we put the jaw implants to see how they will look based on the outline that they create. Sizers are the exact same size as the actual implants and are used to test to see how they look in there before opening up the actual implant. These same sizers can be used to determine how they will look on a person. The second option is through morphing and using a computer system that can change your before picture to give you an idea of what it can look like after the procedure.

A word about custom lateral silicone jaw implants. In my opinion, most of the cosmetic concerns that people have can be handled by the implants that are made by implantech. These implants have gone through multiple designs and have been shown to create the most ideal enhancements. In fact, because we do revisions of jaw implants as well. Quite often the custom implants are the ones that seem to require more adjustments or revisions.

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Jaw Augmentation

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Jaw Augmentation Question and Answer Session by Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue & Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery:

Here are a few questions that someone wrote me regarding Jaw Augmentation that someone recently asked us:

1) What are the associated risk with this kind of surgery? i read online that these kind of procedure has a higher degree of infection rate when compare to other implant procedure. my concern is that since i am not from the states, so would have to travel to all the way from Asia for this surgery. if infection does occur, i would have to travel all the way back for to have the implant removed, a risk i am not too keen of. what are the infection rate of those who have under go mandible implant at your clinic?

The rate of infection is very low but lateral jaw implants are more likely to occur than other implants. They can get infected but that usually occurs the first week and we know how to take care of infections and let you keep your implant. This is in contrast to other surgeons who do implants, with infections they usually take them out. We know how to treat the infection with the implants in place so that you can keep your implants and not have to undergo another surgery to replace them.


2) if infection doesn’t occur in the first 3 to 4 weeks, what are the chances that infection might occur several months or several years later? i heard that infection might still occur even if infection doesn’t occur initially. what is your take on this?

After the first week it is much rarer and you would really have to traumatize the area to get it infected or something. There would have to be a blood collection of some sort and a violiation of the sterility that is there for an infection to breakout. If they do get infected later, we usually treat this situation like if it were infected early on after the surgical procedure.


3) once the implant has been inserted, does it cause any restriction in term of mouth movement or chewing or talking? and does the silicone implant grind at the mandible bone over the years? since the silicone is screw to the mandible, there is a chance that the the through wear and tear, the silicone might wear down the mandible bone.

It will restrict your movement for a few months at the beginning but this hasn’t been a major issue. The mandible is very strong and the implants are placed in this strong area of bone. The chance of erosion is very small and if it were to occur, the amount of erosion is small and unnoticeable as well. The silicone implants tend to erode the soft bone. We have seen this in chin implants when they are placed higher and not at the bottom of the chin bone. The higher location starts to involve the alveolar soft bone around the teeth.


4) do you custom design or custom make the implant base on individual patient requirement? beside implant, what that the option? do you use bone paste or bone cement as well?

Implants work the best and you can do custom implants but they are much more expensive. Bone paste and cement do not keep there shape as well as implants. But they can give you some volume temporarily. We do custom implants when a person needs both chin and jaw implants sometimes. The cost of these custom implants are somewhat prohibitive. Usually it costs several hundred dollars for the ct scan and the process with the company can be 2-3 thousand and this is just for the implant. With the surgery on top of that it can put you in the 10k range.


hope to hear from you soon.

Dr Philip Young

Jaw Silicone Lateral Implants Testimonials | Reviews for Dr. Philip Young

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Jaw Silicone Lateral Implants Testimonials | Reviews for Dr. Philip Young: Click here to read more: Dr Philip Young Testimonials | Reviews Jaw Implant

You can read more about Jaw Implants by following this link.

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Dysport to the Jaw Muscles by Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue Wa

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Dysport to the Jaw Muscles by Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue Wa: This is our blog on our procedure to place dysport into the muscles of the Jaws to slim down the face. This is a really common procedure that we perform on our Asian Female Clientele and for patients with tmj issues. Below is a picture of a result that you can get with dysport in the jaw muscles.  Placing the dysport in the right place is very important to get a good result.  If you don’t place the dyport in the muscle itself you will not get the benefits of this treatment. The first important thing about getting dysport in the jaw muscle is that the muscle will get fully weak at about 1-2 weeks. It is faster with dysport than botox, about a week. Although the muscle is the weakest 1-2 weeks after administration, the decrease in size of the muscle can take up to 3-5 months to be fully realized. We will help you in understanding this more when you come in.

dysport jaws, botox jaws, jaw reduction, jaw shaping

These are before and afters showing the effects on the jaw muscles using botox and dyport

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Jaw Augmentation by Dr. Young releasing his new video on this subject

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Jaw Augmentation by Dr. Philip Young releasing his new video on this subject: We have made some new videos for you to watch on our Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon Page. Tell us what you think about all of these new and informative pages. One page that we  would like to talk about is our Jaw Augmentation Video. This is a live video demonstration of us doing this procedure and discussing how Jaw Augmentation can beautify the face. We bring in our ideas on facial beauty and how that ties in with Jaw Augmentation.  You can visit our website and look up Our Philosophy Page to read more about our theory on Facial Beauty.jaw augmentation videoWe also discuss how we do the procedure for anyone interested in this. Jaw Augmentation can markedly can the shape of your face. It can masculinize the face for people who wish to become more masculine. We have a large population of people that wish to have their gender changed and part of this is feminization or masculinization of the face.  Others just want to maintain their sexual identity but just enhance it.  You can do this and still maintain your femininity as well.  For masculinization, you can put in a larger implant.  For maintaining your feminine appearance you can place a smaller implant that will fill the face and yet maintain your feminine looks. These are some of the things we will be talking about with you in more detail when you consult with us.

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Questions on Lateral Jaw Implants, Silicone implants, and screws used for the procedure by Dr. Young of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery:

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Questions on Lateral Jaw Implants, Silicone implants, and screws used for the procedure by Dr. Young of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery: I recently asked some questions on Lateral Jaw implants for a person on the east coast.  Here is how I answered them:

1) I looked at the jaw implants from the link you sent me. I saw that they had lateral implants and posterior implants. What is the difference?? And which one would you recommend for me?? Lateral implants are the ones I was discussing with you. I don’t put in posterior ones very often. I think they are more ridden with potential complications.

2) If these silicon implants are screwed in, they will not mobilize later right?? For instance, I can sleep on my side without fear of having them move right?  The screws will become part of you. The titanium metal osteointegrates with your bone. On fine mag, you can see the collagen bone fibers attach to the titanium. There will be a tight pocket around your implant and they should not move.  Also usually there will be bone that partially encases the implant.  But, they will not be as strong as your bone but strong enough.

3) Screwing in these jaw implants will not cause my bone to have problems right? I read something about silicon implants and screws. No they shouldn’t as explained above.  Sometimes you can get bone erosion.  The bone that you put it against in the lateral jaw is strong bone.  Alveolar bone is softer and that can have more erosion.  But this is always a possibility to have erosion.  Again, much less common with the stronger lateral jaw and lower part of the chin bone.

4) What would the recovery from jaw/chin implants  be like?? And how long does serious swelling typically last?? I ask because I don’t really want to tell people that I’m having jaw/chin implants. However, if my face is going to be swollen for 6 months, that could be hard. The swelling typically takes around 3-4 months to fully come down.  But you will have most of your results 70% at 6 weeks, and 90% at around 6 months.  It is really fast the first week and month. You should look fine around 2-4 weeks but the first week you have remarkable decrease in swelling.

jaw implant augmentation

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Chin and Jaw implants are a great way to shape the lower third of the face.

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

by Bellevue | Seattle’s Dr. Philip Young | Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery:

Chin and Jaw implants are a great way to shape the lower third of the face. Chin implants can shape the anterior part of your jawline and bring more balance to your face when people see your face from the front.  The jaw implants on the lateral part of your jaw can widen the lower third of your face and really increase the strength and masculinity of any person’s face.  Chin implants run between 2-6 thousand dollars.  Jaw implant can be a little more.  When you do them together, some surgeons give your a price reconsideration.  You can choose from a variety of implants, different shapes and different sizes, that will fit you personally. And the surgeon can tailor them even more during the procedure.  I personally like medpor implants for the long run.  Once they get incorporated in the body they are much more resilient in my opinion and based on some scientific study.  They get vascularized in 12 weeks and start working just like your body. Silicone implants are more common and are softer which are sometimes more appealing to people.  They feel more like tissue.

chin implant video

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Dr Young’s ideas on Singer Charice and her quests to change her look through Plastic Surgery (Bellevue, Washington)

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Charice is a wonderful singer as I have seen her perform on Oprah.  Recently, there has been information on her seeking the advice from plastic surgeons.  What has been talked about is her recent use of botox for her episode on Glee.  Botox is great for younger people to keep the wrinkles at bay.  Especially when they get nervous and start to create alot of wrinkles in their forehead, in between their eyes and crows feet.  In can give people the impression that they are more relaxed than what is really going on inside.  Many times when people get nervous they may lose their sense of how they are appearing.  They crunch their eyebrows and it makes them look mean.  They raise their eyebrows when they get nervous and you can tell they are nervous.  Botox comes all of those things down and you look better, more relaxed, and not as nervous.

She also is inquiring about make her face less round and what she can do to make her self look better.  I did an analysis on her based on my theory on facial aesthetics.  Although her face is tilted.  In general what the diagonal lines are showing you is that her cheeks and lower cheek areas are really dominate.  The middle oblique, and the vertial line is where the shadowing should be increasing markedly as it you go from lateral and inferiorly.  But  you see in the picture that her cheeks still are showing a lot of highlight in this area.  This is seen in the first figure.  The second are before and afters of my morphing to show you how she would look with some jaw and cheek reduction surgery and rhinoplasty.  I think she could look a lot better by narrowing her face and also making her nose a little smaller in the tip area.  She might also need some mesotherapy or microliposuction in her cheeks.

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Dr Young specializes in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington