Rasping your nasal bones is possible but more difficult under local anesthesia

Rhinoplasty / nose shaping techniques can be done to improve your current condition. For your situation, you would only need some small incisions inside your nose.  Then a rasp and other instruments can be used to take down the sharp bony area.  If this is a new situation, it is possible that this will go down with time.  Sometimes, swelling next to the bone can feel like bone and this may all that it could be. Only time could tell sometimes in this situation but I would ask your physician for more details.  Rasping the bone should range from 2000-10000 or more depending on the extent of the injury and that should cover all of the costs.  It will vary with the surgeon and the area of the country.

These are what rasps look like.

The arrow shows where you can approach your rhinoplasty to rasp the nasal bones. Some surgeons can do the whole rhinoplasty without an external incision. This limits your ability to shape the nasal tip through a closed approach.

The external open approach to rhinoplasty entails an incision where the green arrow is pointing below:

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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