Prolonged redness can occur with Laser Resurfacing and Active Fx / Deep Fx / Total Fx / Max Fx

Prolonged redness can occur with laser resurfacing.  Although with Active Fx and Deep Fx this should be much less common.  If there is some tenderness, itching, and the redness is persisting and it begins to become more raised, you could be developing some scarring and should be seen soon.  High dose steroids would be helpful in this case but be wary that this could impede collagen formation at a later date that is helpful in improving your skin.  Contact dermatitis can occur if you are starting some creams that could be irritating your skin at this crucial stage. I would then consider holding off on those topicals and stay with some gentler products.  The other possibility is that the doctor was more aggressive around your eyes which could lead to prolonged redness which is common after traditional resurfacing.  I would see your doctor to have him figure out this. He will know his settings to determine what is going on with the setting of your physical exam.

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