Tips for making your IV insertion a somewhat pleasant one…

Did you know that drinking Gatorade (or any type of electrolyte drink) will helps your veins stand out when it’s time to start that IV for the surgery?  Being off of fluids 6 hours prior to your surgery (if you’re having IV sedation) causes your body to be somewhat dehydrated which in turns cause the veins to constrict and shrink.  Gatorade contains electrolytes and has a slight bit of glucose in them which can really carry a lot of volume into the veins.  In other words, REMEMBER TO DRINK YOUR GATORADE THE NIGHT BEFORE!

There was a patient that came in last week that was I had the hardest time getting an IV in and so I’m dedicating this blog to that person.  A couple of other things you can keep in mind to make it easier for the IV start:

1. Stay warm – Warmth helps dilate the veins and promote blood flow.  If you’re like me, you get cold super fast so wear a nice warm jacket on the day of the procedure.  Even if you have change into a gown, you can continue to wear it until we bring you back for surgery.  Once in the operating room, you can request a blanket to keep you warm.  A heating pad can always be applied to the area to help dilate the veins some more.

2. Beat the vein then beat it some more – Doing this causes a localized release of histamine, which causes vasodilation.

3.  Tell your nurse which vein(s) has worked in the past for you.  I always ask this question before I start the IV.  If it works, why do try something else?

4.  Lay back and relax.  I know this might sound like an oxymoron when it comes to IV but do try.  It really works!

In other news, there is currently a special at our office for people that would like to get Botox, Dysport, or fillers with me.  Call our office for details.  Space are limited, I think I’m down to 2 available openings in the month of October.

Thanks for reading =)


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