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My experience with a browlift as a Sedation Nurse

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

I just sat in on my first browlift. I had never seen anything like that before, so observing was interesting. The before and after right  away was a big difference. At first seeing the the forehead elevated during the surgery was very in depth and was challenging to get used to at first.  Seeing the anatomy live was fascinating while intense at the same time.  What I also thought was I didn’t it took that much work to elevate a brow. So this was good information for me.  The patient looked more awake and her eyes look less tired. The patient loved it as soon as she was up and able to see the preliminary results.


Dysport to the Jaw Muscles by Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue Wa

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Dysport to the Jaw Muscles by Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue Wa: This is our blog on our procedure to place dysport into the muscles of the Jaws to slim down the face. This is a really common procedure that we perform on our Asian Female Clientele and for patients with tmj issues. Below is a picture of a result that you can get with dysport in the jaw muscles.  Placing the dysport in the right place is very important to get a good result.  If you don’t place the dyport in the muscle itself you will not get the benefits of this treatment. The first important thing about getting dysport in the jaw muscle is that the muscle will get fully weak at about 1-2 weeks. It is faster with dysport than botox, about a week. Although the muscle is the weakest 1-2 weeks after administration, the decrease in size of the muscle can take up to 3-5 months to be fully realized. We will help you in understanding this more when you come in.

dysport jaws, botox jaws, jaw reduction, jaw shaping

These are before and afters showing the effects on the jaw muscles using botox and dyport

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Botox Learning Blog: My first couple of experiences with giving people botox and realistic expectations

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Botox Learning Blog – My first couple of experiences with giving people botox and realistic expectations: So we’re training with Dr. Philip Young (of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery in Bellevue) and the Restylane, Medicis Representative and their nurse injector. One of the things I learned is to emphasize realistic expectations. Some people come in to our office with very deep etched in wrinkles in between the eyes. Many people come in with the idea that these wrinkles will go away completely. Realistic expectations are important to emphasize at this point. Botox / dysport will not make them go away completely, but they can improve them. Some static wrinkles, or wrinkles  that are present even without movement, do not go away with botox / dysport.  They can be improved over time with continual use of botox and dysport. But most of the time the static wrinkles are less improved as compared to dynamic wrinkles – the wrinkles that are accentuated with facial movements. Static wrinkles can be improved over a long period of time with continual use through the constant action of the cells that are in the skin. Fibroblasts are constantly remodeling the skin and when the skin is relieved from the constant action of the facial muscles, they are able to efface or reduce some of the severity of static wrinkles. But this takes time. The other alternative is to use fillers to help with the wrinkle reduction that could reduce the wrinkle production even more.

botox dysport crows feet

These are before and after pictures of the effects of botox and dysport in the crows feet or lateral eyes area

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M.C. one of the Nurse Injectors in our office!

Our team at Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery!

The Best Part of Working Here at Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

The Best Part of Working Here at Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery: There are many great things about being a Facial Plastic Surgery Nurse, but the best part is being able to be with people as they start a new chapter of their life. Imagine not being able to leave your house because of the unnerving self-consciousness of a disfiguring scar on your face… what if every time you looked in the mirror you were reminded of being made fun of, or a horrible accident that had happened or just all around bad feelings… Patient’s that come into our office have similar stories to these and sometimes have struggled with them their entire lives.

Working with Dr. Young at AFPS I have the privilege to be with people through an amazing and life-changing experience. It truly is amazing to talk with a patient after a procedure and find that they have a new take on life because of something we helped them with.  Whether it be a Scar Revision, Rhinoplasty, or the YoungVitalizer, not only are our patient’s transformed on the outside but on the inside as well with more confidence and self-worth and a new take on life. I’m thankful to be able to be there for people and share this life changing experience with them. Hannah, RN

I’m excited to learn about Fillers this week.

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

This week we are having a special on fillers here at Dr. Philip Young | Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery.  Purchase one filler and get one complimentary on us. I did some dermal filler on my mom and she was so happy. I didn’t see how much it could improve someone’s looks until I did it on my mother. I have been able to follow my mother’s results and witness first hand the benefits of fillers. Not only did it improve her wrinkles, it made a big improvement on a scar on her face. I didn’t know she was so self conscious about her scar until we did this for her.  She feels a lot more confident since the filler for the scar.

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Hannah, RN

Why I love our office

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Why I love our office at AFPS | Dr. Philip Young: I have never worked with a more dedicated hard working group of individuals that strive everyday to do their best in and out of surgery. A special thanks to my colleagues and to all of our unique patient’s that make each day I come to work positive and bright.

Sarah 🙂

Happy Holidays!!

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

by Bellevue | Seattle’s Dr. Philip Young | Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery:

I hoped everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I can’t believe the holiday season has arrived already, time sure does fly by.  I know life can get hectic, especially during the holidays, so remember to take a minute or two to take a couple of nice big deep breaths.

The holidays always gives me this warm fuzzy feeling inside.  And speaking of warm fuzzy feelings, we had an older patient come in a couple of weeks ago to get an otoplasty that he has been wanting for the longest time.  You should have seen the smile on his face once we showed him the mirror.  I know this is going to sounds cliche but that seriously just made my day.  Seeing someone smile like that is just indescribable.

A couple of additions has been made to our office.  We’re welcoming Dr. Mulligan to the practice, as well as our new nurse, Jennifer,  We’re very happy to have them here.  Dr. Mulligan will be here on Fridays, Jennifer will be here on Wednesdays and Fridays.  In the front, we’re also welcoming Angelena, who is our office manager.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week!


Vitalize Peel from SkinMedica

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

by Bellevue | Seattle’s Dr. Philip Young | Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery:

I had the Vitalize peel a couple of weeks ago and I must say that I LOOOVVVVEEEEE my skin afterward.  The Vitalize Peel is from SkinMedia and is indicated for people with mild to moderate conditions of pigmentation irregularities, fine lines, wrinkles, superficial scarring, and acne.  The best thing about this peel is that it is suitable for all skin types.  Generally, peeling will last for about 2-3 days.  When I had the peel, I stayed inside for 2 days because I was peeling so much.  My recommendation for people who are interested in getting this peel is that you do it on Thursday.  You’ll look fine on Friday and the peeling doesn’t occur until the second day.  Enjoy a nice weekend inside and look great on Monday.  When I had the peel, I did it on a Friday and I started peeling on Saturday night.  By Sunday afternoon, I think half of face peeled off.  Most of the peeling was done by Monday morning but you could seeing where the skin was peeling along the hairline and down underneath my chin/jaw.  Luckily for me, I’m short so the peeling along the jaw/chin wasn’t that noticeable by anyone and my hair was able to cover the peeling along the hairline.  All of the peeling was completely gone by Thursday night and my skin looked amazing by Friday morning. See our page on Skin Care and Intense Pulse Light.

To begin the peel, the skin should be clean of any makeup.  A prepping solution will be applied to the skin (which has a strong smell of acetone to it so just a warning for noses in advance).  The solution which causes the peeling will then be applied to the skin for a couple of minutes.  A neutralizing solution will be placed afterwards.  You might experiencing a slight stinking sensation but using the fan will really help!  That’s pretty much it, quick and easy…

A couple of things to keep in mind:

– Since retinoic acid was used during the treatment, your skin will have this yellow tint to it.  This will fade in about 1-2 hours.  Remember not to wash your face until the yellow tint is gone or wait until the evening (usually this is about 3-4 hours later).

– The solution applied to the skin has a time releasing component to it, which means that it will not start to peel until about 48 hours later.

– Use SPF 30 or above for about a week and avoid direct sunlight.  Since we’re in the Great Seattle area and it’s almost winter now, you don’t have to worry so much about the direct sunlight.  Just remember to wear SPF 30.  Try getting into the habit of always wear SPF, it protects the skin.  You’re investing time and energy for beautiful skin so don’t ingore this very important step in your skin regiment.

– You’re skin will be a little bit red during this time which is normal.

– DO NOT PICK OR PULL AT THE SKIN.  I will not lie and admit that I am guilty of doing this a couple of times but try to reframe from yourself from doing this.  Just let the peel do its job.  You’ll have fabulous skin in no time. =)

SkinMedic has two other peels, a lighter one and a deeper one compared to the Vitalize Peel.  I recently tried the deeper one and I must say I don’t think I like it as much as the Vitalize Peel.  I peeled wayyyy tooooo much.  I think the deeper one is good for doing a maintenance peel every couple of months but doing this peel after the Vitalize Peel was too much for me personally.  My skin has slight pigmentation and acne scarring.   However, keep in mind that everyone has different skin so just because I say that it was too much for me, it could be different for you.  Darci is our wonderful esthetician and she can help you determine which route/course of treatment is better for you.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

Dr Young specializes in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington

Botox vs Dysport

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

by Bellevue | Seattle’s Dr. Philip Young | Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery:

I have had a few people ask me what the difference between Botox and Dysport.  Botox and Dysport are very similiar, kind of Coke and Pepsi.  Both of these products are meant to relax the muscle  to decrease wrinkle and frown lines.  They are made up of pretty much the same thing so they act fairly the same.  Below is a table to quickly compare the two products.



– Takes about 5-7 days to start working – Takes about 2-3 days to start working
– On average, last 3-4 months – Last 3-4 months, however studies that are out shows that Dysport might last longer than this

– 1 unit of Botox = 2.5 units of Dysport

– Max effect can take about 2 weeks – Max effect can take about a week
– Been around for 20+ years in the US – On the US market since 2009, but Europe and other countries have been using it  for several years over there


The above video on Dysport / Botox can be found towards the bottom of the page. Just scroll down.

In my opinion, both Botox and Dysport are excellent treatments.  If you trying to get rid of those lines sooner, consider Dysport since studies have shown that it only takes 2-3 days to take effect as oppose to 5-6 days for Botox.  Botox has been around longer than Dysport so for some people, there might be a sense of loyalty there.

For more information, check out the link on the right side to read more on Botox and Dysport from Dr. Young.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

Dr Young specializes in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and is located in Bellevue near Seattle, Washington

Happy Birthday!

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

I just wanted to write a quick message to say…..


For everyone else, don’t forget to ask him how his birthday went if you see him this week.  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  I’m watching the Seahawks game…..GO SEAHAWKS!!!

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