My chin implant in the spring has made my face look boxy from the oval I used to have. What can I do?

by Bellevue | Seattle’s Dr. Philip Young | Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery:

This is a response to a question that I answered for a person who had a procedure by another doctor:

Chin implants can have a tremendous impact on your looks. Because it is placed in the lower third of your face it will have the most impact in this area. But overall, it can change the appearance of your face as a whole to a great degree.  The changes to a box like appearance instead of an oval can definitely happen.  It might improve a little more over the next couple of months since you had it in the spring and right now it is fall going on winter. Your Physician will know the best on what to do.  But you can replace the implant. Work with the implant that you have in there by sculpting it.  It will most likely entail either a smaller implant, a more tapered implant and still you might need further tailoring of the implant to have it fit your face better. During the procedure, I will often assess the appearance of the implant and do contouring of the implant and the bone around the chin to help with this tapered look. Most surgeons just place the implant in and get results that will approximate what you want. Sometimes it takes a little extra time to shape the area and implant to achieve the best results. Here is a link to chin implant videos for you to learn more about this procedure.



Cheers!, Dr Young

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