Happy Holidays!!

by Bellevue | Seattle’s Dr. Philip Young | Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery:

I hoped everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I can’t believe the holiday season has arrived already, time sure does fly by.  I know life can get hectic, especially during the holidays, so remember to take a minute or two to take a couple of nice big deep breaths.

The holidays always gives me this warm fuzzy feeling inside.  And speaking of warm fuzzy feelings, we had an older patient come in a couple of weeks ago to get an otoplasty that he has been wanting for the longest time.  You should have seen the smile on his face once we showed him the mirror.  I know this is going to sounds cliche but that seriously just made my day.  Seeing someone smile like that is just indescribable.

A couple of additions has been made to our office.  We’re welcoming Dr. Mulligan to the practice, as well as our new nurse, Jennifer,  We’re very happy to have them here.  Dr. Mulligan will be here on Fridays, Jennifer will be here on Wednesdays and Fridays.  In the front, we’re also welcoming Angelena, who is our office manager.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week!


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