What is the treatment of choice for keloids? by Dr. Philip Young | Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

Excision and serial steroid injections every 4-8 weeks is the treatment of choice for the Scar Treatment of Keloids.  Based on a literature review, this is the treatment of choice. Radiation therapy is very outdated in my opinion and I would not resort to that even as a last choice.  That is my opinion based on scientific evidence.  I have spent a lot of time in a keloid rich region at Louisiana State University in Shreveport Louisiana.  One approach they do is to allow the excision to heal with secondary intention. That is cutting out the keloid and then letting them heal on their own.  Rather barbaric to some, but there is scientific evidence to suggest that this could be a good alternative. I have done this for someone withe keloids in the beard pattern from ear to ear (ie very large). I’ve treated the worse cases though.


Scar Revision

keloid scar treatment before after images

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