More swelling on the side that the ptosis repair was done. What has happened? by Dr. Philip Young | Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

This was a question that I answered for someone that had a ptosis repair with persistent swelling for 4 months after the procedure. This is how I answered this question:

This is my opinion on what is likely going on. I think that the approach that was made to correct your ptosis repair has caused some contracture and tissue buildup to create a crease for you that you did not have before. That is why you are seeing more lid on the left side.  The way to correct this would be to assess where the crease is set on the good eye. Approach the revision at the same height as what you measure on the good eye, revise the ptosis repair and then close without recreating your crease.  If you do have a distinct crease on the good side, I would create the crease on the ptotic side at the same height as the good side.  The issue would then be whether the current crease will have the tendency to reform.  This can be prevented with some fat grafting through my techniques.  Although this is my opinion, I’m pretty sure this is what has happened.  You can always write me if you would like some more counsel. You can read more about this and the case below here on our Asian Eyelid Surgery Learn More Page.

ptosis repair for asian eyelid procedure

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Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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