Eye bags at the age of 19 are they from my genes or lack of sleep

Eye bags at the age of 19 are they from my genes or lack of sleep by Dr. Philip Young of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery: Eye bags are based on some genetics but most people have some element of it. I wouldn’t blame mother. Eye bags, Eye dark circles happen to almost everyone and it starts in the 20’s and 20’s. The cause is mostly the volume loss under your eyelid fat. The eyelid fat doesn’t get metabolized by the body and thus looks like it has grown. But it really is a loss of volume underneath it that accentuates it. Traditionally, people tended to remove the eyelid bags. This was not really treating the cause of what made them appear. The more natural way is to fill the volume loss. The options temporarily include fillers like restylane, perlane, juvederm. Long term options include fat injections, the young vitalizer, implants in this area.  Because you haven’t had anything done I would start with fillers before moving on to more longer lasting options. A lack of sleep can accentuate the condition. But mostly it is an issue of aging. The YoungVitalizer is another great option for lower eyelid bags and the one that I prefer.

lower eye bags before and after treatment

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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