Ice picks scars and why I like subcision / fat grafting / with chemical peels question and answers Dr. Young of Seattle:

Ice picks scars and subcision, fat grafting, with chemical peels Dr. Young of Seattle:

This is what I wrote someone on Sept 28,2011:


Dr. Young,

Patient: I wanted to thank you again for your personable consultation the other day.  It’s never easy talking to a stranger about one’s insecurities, but you certainly made it comfortable enough that I am considering your recommendations.  Just a few questions I first need to ask.

Dr. Young: It was my pleasure.

Patient: Why did you choose the subcision with the chemical peel over other procedures? .

Dr. Young: I think that laser resurfacing may not fully cause those ice picks scars to come up to the level of the rest of your skin.  They (laser resurfacing / dermabrasion / Dermasanding) are better when the surfaces are more closely aligned. and leveled.  The chemical peel will get the ice picks to come up and the subcision will make them rise by stimulating from below.  Alternatively you can add fat grafting with the subcision for more of an effect. I would do the subcision / fat grafting first and then 1-2 weeks later do the chemical peels so that your skin is not too traumatized.

Patient: What are the alternatives?  And do they offer similar or less satisfactory results?

Dr. Young: You can cut around the ice picks and then raise them. This could help. They are more work though. You can add filler underneath them. You can excise a group of ice pick scars that are oriented in a pattern. You can do Dermabrasion but again resurfacing would be the last step. You can laser just the ice pick scars to get them to rise up (not as effective in my experience)

Patient: What are the side effects of these procedures?

Dr. Young: The side effects are mostly swelling, bruising.  Sometimes if you are too aggressive the scars could get wider but flatter. That is why I stage the subcision and chemical peels sometimes if the scars are deep and prominent and numerous.

Patient: How long is the procedure, and is it performed at the same clinic?  Do you schedule surgery on Fridays?

Dr. Young: The procedure will take about 1-2 hours. We can do Friday’s. We do the procedures here. We are AAAHC certified  here is a link to our plastic surgery AAAHC certification page

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