We are releasing our new website www.theyoungvitalizer.com by Dr. Young Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

We are excited to release our new website www.theyoungvitalizer.com by Dr. Young Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon. The Young Vitalizer is a Breakthrough Incision Less Face Lift. This minimally invasive procedure can rejuvenate your face in a natural way making you look up to and sometimes more than 10 years younger. It can be a minimally invasive substitute for a mid face lift, face lift, cheek implants, facial implants, lip augmentation, brow lift, eye lift upper / lower, etc. You can learn more about the YoungVitalizer with this introductory video, An Introduction to the YoungVitalizer.  The YoungVitalizer was founded by me because I discovered some important things when I was training in Los Angeles under the tutelage of very famous plastic surgeons including Paul Nassif, Mark Berman, Stephen Pincus, etc.  What I was noticing among the stars was that these people with access and all the money and fame in the world were still looking strange after plastic surgery. In my mind, there had to be something wrong with this picture. So I sought out to find out why. This idea ultimately culminated in me discovering my theory on facial beauty called the Circles of Prominence. This theory was the foundation of improving facial aesthetics and it is the source of energy and ideas that have developed our technique, The YoungVitalizer.  If you watch your video on the Introduction it will expand your mind. You can also learn more on our sister website www.drphilipyoung.com and look under our philosophy page to read about Dr. Young’s theory.

I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to blog very much lately. But I’m resuming this as a new goal.  Write me anytime at any of our website’s contact pages:

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