Healing your body and mind by Dr. Young of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

Healing your body and mind by Dr. Philip Young of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery: Once you have the procedure you waited a long time for, it is time to be patient and wait, again, for your body to heal.  Unfortunately, a surgeon’s scalpel is not a magic wand and healing will occur at different rates for different people.  You must allow yourself to heal and be aware it is natural to be impatient for the results and a little anxious because you often look worse before you look better.  Being aware this can happen will help you understand these normal feelings.

Sharing your experience with friends and family can help give you a support system during your recovery, but realize they may unintentionally make you question your decision with concerns during your recovery.  While you may think that you are looking pretty rough around the edges, we may tell you that you are healing beautifully.  Trust us.  We will share with you if there is a concern, so if we tell you that everything is healing normally, it is.

Your healing will depend on many things such as your general health, your willingness to follow instructions, and your mental attitude toward recovery.  While I can perform the surgery, I cannot “heal” you.  It is up to you to be an active participant in your recovery process to help your body heal the best that it can.  Following all of our instruction is very important, as is working with us to address any complications that may arise.  Even surgeries that are done exactly right can have complications during recovery.  It has to do with the human factor.  We are not machines and every person can react differently and heal differently even when the surgery is done exactly the same.  Every surgeon has unexpected results from time to time.

It is important you approach your surgery and especially your recovery with the mindset that we are a team, and you are an integral part of that team.  We must trust each other to be working for a common goal, your successful result.  As the surgeon, I enjoy my work and strive to achieve an ideal result during every surgery for every patient.  I have rigorous standards that my staff must meet in order to be involved in your care.  I am looking forward to working with you to achieve a great result and do not anticipate any post-operative problems.  I will do everything I can to make sure that you are happy with your result.

Dr. Philip Young, MD


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