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Seattle Face Lift Webpage Released by Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue’s Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery: We recently updated our page on face lift from our Seattle / Bellevue based office. There are some helpful links to our procedures including facelift, eye lifts, fat injections, brow lifts, and the YoungVolumizer, the breakthrough incision less face lift. What is the best thing for you. Dr. Young’s ideas are based on results, natural results and constantly improving the way we do things in facial rejuvenation. It started with his theory on facial beauty called the Circles of Prominence. During his training in Los Angeles, he noticed that some of the results from facial plastic surgery were not natural. Facelifts look pulled and stretched. Eyelifts were leading to people looking different from how they used to look when they were younger. This instilled Dr. Young to find out why. He discovered that much of what was out there describing what was beautiful in the face was relatively sparse. Even today’s plastic surgery textbooks, and other book on beauty still use theories from the 1400’s to describe beauty. Those theories are largely based on Leonardo da Vinci’s theories on beauty that are now referred to as the neo classical canons. They are founded on Roman theories and hence are termed “neo”.  These theories however are based on external landmarks that we just don’t spend that much time looking at when we see and analyze a face.  A new theory must be based on what we spend most of our time looking at. Dr. Young discovered, not surprisingly, that there was something in the eyes that was important for a new theory to be correct.  You can read more about Dr. Young’s theory on facial beauty here.

Seattle Face Lift

So what procedure should you choose. Well, if you want to look more like what you looked like when you were younger volumizing will play some role no matter what. The question is whether you changed your appearance over time. If you changed from your facial structure from a grape to a larger grape, you may have extra tissue that will need to be removed. This is where a face lift, neck lift and liposuction can help with.  But if you didn’t change much and just lost volume as you aged, then volumizing might be the main way for you to rejuvenate your face. Dr. Young has a way of determining what is best for you through his theory. Within the middle part of the face, Dr. Young believes that mid face lifts, and lower eyelid lifts are rarely the best option / choice. Volumizing is almost always the best way to rejuvenate this area. The one area that volumizing is the weaker choice is for the jowls, and neck laxity. The double chin, and neck banding are better treated with a neck lift and volumizing will not help much. For the eyes, if you don’t mind a more scultped look then an eyelift might be the better choice for you for you upper eyelids. Also if you didn’t like your eyebrows at the position that they were when you were younger, then volumizing might not be the best choice here and browlifting might be better. Just remember that a browlift will change the way you look but it can improve your eyebrow position.  But don’t do a browlift to return to a younger age and the way you looked when you were younger.

Dr. Young has a nice video on Introducing his Breakthrough Incision Less Face Lift, the YoungVitilizer.

You can visit this informative page: Facelifts Explanations and Options to learn more.

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