Botox Learning Blog: My first couple of experiences with giving people botox and realistic expectations

Botox Learning Blog – My first couple of experiences with giving people botox and realistic expectations: So we’re training with Dr. Philip Young (of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery in Bellevue) and the Restylane, Medicis Representative and their nurse injector. One of the things I learned is to emphasize realistic expectations. Some people come in to our office with very deep etched in wrinkles in between the eyes. Many people come in with the idea that these wrinkles will go away completely. Realistic expectations are important to emphasize at this point. Botox / dysport will not make them go away completely, but they can improve them. Some static wrinkles, or wrinkles  that are present even without movement, do not go away with botox / dysport.  They can be improved over time with continual use of botox and dysport. But most of the time the static wrinkles are less improved as compared to dynamic wrinkles – the wrinkles that are accentuated with facial movements. Static wrinkles can be improved over a long period of time with continual use through the constant action of the cells that are in the skin. Fibroblasts are constantly remodeling the skin and when the skin is relieved from the constant action of the facial muscles, they are able to efface or reduce some of the severity of static wrinkles. But this takes time. The other alternative is to use fillers to help with the wrinkle reduction that could reduce the wrinkle production even more.

botox dysport crows feet

These are before and after pictures of the effects of botox and dysport in the crows feet or lateral eyes area

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