Evaluating your surgeon by Dr. Philip Young Bellevue Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

Evaluating your surgeon by Bellevue Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery: It is really important that you like your surgeon. Intuition is a key component in many things we do and how you feel about your surgeon is very important as well. If you like him, chances are that he will like you as well. Out there in the surgery world, there is a thing that some surgeons say that you should operate on patients that you like as a general thing to follow. If you don’t like the patient, it might not be a good idea to operate on that person. This some rule should also apply to the patient. Some of the other things to look at are whether the doctor seems to be good in the social arena. If the doctor seems like he has a well rounded life, chances are that he will be well rounded in his care for you as well.  If your surgeon is not a very social person, it is likely that he won’t be social to you during his care for you as well.  Most people you meet put out an aura around them. Sometimes this aura is strong in good and bad ways.  Obviously, you definitely want to avoid the ones with the really bad aura. Sometimes this is so obvious. In my recent Summer Client Appreciation Event, I bring up the “Law of Giving” by Deepak Chopra. Out of all of his chapters, I think this one is the most beautiful.  These are clues to how to choose your surgeon.

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