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Avoiding the Unnatural Look with Facelifts

Friday, June 24th, 2016

Avoiding the Unnatural Look with Facelifts:

This is our post on how to avoid the unnatural looking facelift. (Click here to learn more about Facelifts)Why do people look unnatural with a facelift The biggest problem is likely found in our understanding of Aging. Previous thought has centered around the face dropping and hence pulling the face back has always been the solution. However, nowadays aging has been thought to be played or is due to more of a volume loss. And hence the volume loss to the face always makes the tissues of the face move in and down. But facelifts and traditional procedures have always pulled the face upwards and backwards which is the reversal of the Descent which is good. But it does not create the outward protrusion that is needed to more accurately reverse aging.

Facelifts are good at pulling back the jowls and creating a more v-shaped look in the face and it can improve the nasal labial folds and marionette lines to a degree. But to fully rejuvenate the face and some volumizing should be done throughout the whole face to get a more well rounded and more natural look. Here is more information on Facelifts Explanations and Options.

Here is a picture of a face and neck liftfacelift-before-after-image

This person looks great and this can help you if your jowls and neck are bad and you want to reverse the square look. To rejuvenate this person’s face more, we would suggest filling like this person. This person had the YoungVitalizer, The Incision Less Facial Rejuvenation:youngvitalizer-before-after-6-mo


Dr Philip Young and our Team at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

Facelift Options Today for our Seattle Bellevue Clients

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Facelift in Seattle Bellevue:

Hello there and thanks for visiting. So we wanted to talk about what are thoughts were on today’s topic of facelifts and how they stand today. Very simply, we have a simple approach to things on the face and neck. If you have jowls we would suggest the facelift first. If you have neck banding or neck laxity, a neck lift is ideal. For the rest of the face we suggest the YoungVitalizer. Below we will discuss more on why we choose those options for simplicity.


The facelift procedure is done through an incision around the ear. For the pull in the face the solid green is used. For more action in the neck the dotted green line is used.  The blue indicates the undermining that occurs with a mini lift. The yellow denotes the undermining for a more complete face and neck lift.


After the elevation you will see this below. This shows the deep plane approach. The smas is the layer that most facelifts use to pull up the face. We use sutures to tie this smas layer up and tight. This also shows where the incision is placed:Facelift-figure-9-Actual-Face-Lift-Procedure-Photo-showing-the-Anatomy-of-the-Face-Lift-Dr-Young-Bellevue-Washington

Neck Lift:

A neck lift entails using an incision under the chin along with the facelift incision just discussed. If you are to do just a neck lift you can limit the incision at the dotted green line. Here is a video on the neck lift procedure that we do:


For the rest of the face, you can look younger in natural way with the YoungVitalizer the incision less facial rejuvenation procedure. here is a before and after of the YoungVitalizer:



Dr Philip Young and our Team at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

Our Facial Plastic Surgery Mission Statement

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

“We are facial plastic surgery experts who set ourselves apart with our passion to improve facial rejuvenation to get the best and most natural results through the fusion of traditional thoughts with innovation and thinking outside of the box. Our mission is to put all of our love into the procedures we do and take care of people as if they were our closest friends and family. We want to deliver unwavering quality care to improve people’s lives through Facial Plastic Surgery and the YoungVitalizer.”

Please reach out to us any time by emailing contactus(at)


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Facelift Bellevue | Face Lift Seattle

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Facelift Bellevue | Face Lift Seattle Page added by Dr. Philip Young of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery:

We added a page to discuss what a facelift does and how to make sense of all the lifts that are advertised out there in the media. You can visit this page at any time: Facelift Bellevue. Essentially, all the lifts such as quick lift, lifestyle lift, s lift, smas lift, deep plane lift, mini lift, traditional face lift, etc are a variation of the basic facelift that we discuss on this page. The facelift entails making an incision in front and behind the ear to pull the face and neck up for facial rejuvenation. The incision in front is mainly for a facelift, while the incision that extends behind the ear is for a neck lift. Everything else in the face can benefit from fillers | fat injections or The YoungVitalizer . This is our flow chart which you can click to enlarge:

facial rejuvenation flow sheet

facial rejuvenation flow sheet

In general what this explains is that for you face you should first consider the YoungVitalizer which is less invasive. Even before this you can consider fillers with the knowledge that the fillers last 6 months to a year at most.  After doing less invasive procedures you can move on to more traditional procedures if needed. If jowls are your main issue a facelift would be ideal. If the neck is your concern, a necklift would be the best option.

What the page will go into is also the idea is bringing more light back to the face. We talk about the aging process on this page and how the changing of the grape to a raisin makes the tissues draw or move inward and downward. This movement effectively causes a shadow to be cast over the face by the structures above them.  For example the brows start to cover the upper eyelid. For the lower eyelids, the eyes and brows start to cover the lower eyelids and cheeks.  For the nasolabial folds, it is the cheeks that start to cover the folds and make them look deeper. For the marionette lines, the lower cheek and mouth help to create more shadowing in the marionette area, etc, etc.

You can read more by visiting our website

The YoungVitalizer and its future in facial rejuvenation by Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue | Seattle

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

The YoungVitalizer and its future in facial rejuvenation by Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue | Seattle: The YoungVitalizer is an exciting new alternative to facial rejuvenation. Our goals with this technique was to find a procedure that resulted in a more natural appearance. We desired a technique that was less invasive than traditional procedures. One that required less anesthesia and was safer without the complications that you get with traditional methods and older ideas. The YoungVitalizer satisfies all of these desires. The YoungVitalizer is the breakthrough Incision Less Face Lift. There is no requirement of any facial incisions. We use injections to volumize your face in a natural way.

One of the things you might be wondering is whether The YoungVitalizer is going to make your face fat and bigger when adding volume is brought into the picture or discussed. A volume loss is a big part of the aging process. What happens when you lose volume, you face draws or moves inward and also downward. With this inward movement, your tissues are moving more toward the center part of your head face area. Notice how this area is a lot bigger than the face part. This is why your face ends up looking bigger when you lose volume. I explain this in a video or segment on new day northwest here: Dr. Philip Young on New Day Northwest Explains the YoungVitalizer. Through adding volume, you can actually make the face look smaller. Take a look at the before and after picture below and notice how the face looks smaller after adding volume!! You can click on the picture below and see more before and afters:

Testimonials | Reviews for Dr. Philip Young and The YoungVitalizer

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Seattle | Bellevue Dr. Philip Young has added a Testimonial | Review Page for The YoungVitalizer. Click here to read more: Dr Philip Young Testimonials | Reviews YoungVitalizer

You can read more about the YoungVitalizer following this link.

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Fat Transfer Testimonials | Reviews for Dr. Philip Young & Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Fat Transfer Testimonials | Reviews for Dr. Philip Young & Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery. Click here to read more: Dr Philip Young Bellevue Seattle Testimonials | Reviews Fat Transfer

Below are before and afters for a Fat Transfer Procedure for the lips. Fat transfering for the lips is a natural way to enhance your lips through a procedure. We use your own fat to enhance the size of your lips and the shape of your lips.

How is this done? We usually harvest fat from some part of your body, usually the legs, abdomen, hips, etc. We then process the fat on the same day and then we use small cannulas to inject the fat into the areas that we want. This is all done on the same day.

How do you avoid Hollywood Looking | Duck Shaped | Over enhanced Lips? Understanding aesthetics or Facial Beauty is the key to getting the best results for lip augmentation. Dr. Philip Young during his time in Los angeles, noticed how lip augmentation can make your lips look pretty wierd. That is why he spent several years finding out what makes a face beautiful and ultimately he came up with a new theory on facial beauty. You can watch a video of Dr. Young explaining facial beauty here.

What is the recovery like? The recovery involves only slight discomfort. In fact, fat injections in general are pretty low in pain compared to traditional procedures. The most difficult part of healing is the bruising and swelling the first week. The complications with fat injections to the lips are extremely low.


You can read more about Fat Transfer by following this link.

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Nasolabial Folds Treatment by Dr Philip Young Seattle | Bellevue : Options and New Ways of Approaching this Area

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Nasolabial Folds Treatment by Dr. Philip Young Seattle | Bellevue, Options and New Ways of Approaching this Area:  Treating the nasolabial folds seems like a very specific issue and separate from all the rest of the face. This approach has been used in the past. We did facelift to pull the fold up. Implants to the Nasolabial Fold: we used tissue to fill in the crease with fascia, alloderm, implants of silicone, goretex etc.  We have used Mid face lift to pull the cheek upwards to help this area. Fillers have been commonly used to approach this fold with a minimally invasive thought. Facial Implants have been used to fill in the space under the fold with some success. All of these approaches seem to work to some degree, with fillers have a more temporary duration and Solid Implants having more of a longer lasting effect. Perhaps the better way of looking into the nasolabial folds is to address them from a global perspective and approach them as being a part of the general advancement of aging of the face as a whole.

The nasolabial folds as an indication of the face aging as a whole: The aging of the face can be thought of as a general loss of volume sort of like how a grape changes into a raisin. The grape is much larger than a raisin and has a lot less folding than a raisin does. Filling in the nasolabial folds is like filling in a small area of depression or crevice in a raisin. The raisin may look good but may not look completely regenerated like a grape would look. It is our opinion and the opinion of the YoungVitalizer Team that to more appropriately address the nasolabial folds, you need to address the whole face, or at least the larger area around the nasolabial folds to get the best result. We feel to better address the nasolabial folds you need to shape the whole part of the face around the folds. This means that you should rejuvenate the cheek, the mouth, the nose and the general area around the nasolabial folds.  You can read more about the YoungVitalizer by clicking the logo of the YoungVitalizer below. Also here is link that discusses nasolabial folds and how to treat them:

Here is a before and after of the YoungVitalizer.

Plastic Surgery Testimonial of Karen Owner of the Northwest Women’s Show for Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue | Seattle

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Plastic Surgery Testimonial of Karen Owner of the Northwest Women’s Show for Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue | Seattle: We feel really privileged to have such a special patient such as Karen the Owner of the Northwest Women’s Show. She was nice enough to give us a video testimonial that you can see with this link: Plastic Surgery Testimonial Seattle | Bellevue. She has been a patient of ours for that past 6 years. We are planning on doing the YoungVitalizer for her in the near future.

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Evaluating your surgeon by Dr. Philip Young Bellevue Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Evaluating your surgeon by Bellevue Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery: It is really important that you like your surgeon. Intuition is a key component in many things we do and how you feel about your surgeon is very important as well. If you like him, chances are that he will like you as well. Out there in the surgery world, there is a thing that some surgeons say that you should operate on patients that you like as a general thing to follow. If you don’t like the patient, it might not be a good idea to operate on that person. This some rule should also apply to the patient. Some of the other things to look at are whether the doctor seems to be good in the social arena. If the doctor seems like he has a well rounded life, chances are that he will be well rounded in his care for you as well.  If your surgeon is not a very social person, it is likely that he won’t be social to you during his care for you as well.  Most people you meet put out an aura around them. Sometimes this aura is strong in good and bad ways.  Obviously, you definitely want to avoid the ones with the really bad aura. Sometimes this is so obvious. In my recent Summer Client Appreciation Event, I bring up the “Law of Giving” by Deepak Chopra. Out of all of his chapters, I think this one is the most beautiful.  These are clues to how to choose your surgeon.

At Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery, we are always trying to improve the way we do things. If there are ways we can improve, please let us know. Our mission is to provide unwavering quality care to improve people’s lives through facial plastic surgery and the YoungVitalizer. Please let us know if we are not following our mission statement. We will only see comments as constructive.

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