Mole Removal Costs

Mole Removal Costs presented by Dr. Philip Young: How much does it cost to Skin Lesion Mole Removal? Well this depends on how this is being done. Excisional means takes more time for the surgeon and this will cause the pricing to go up. For one mole, it could range between 500-1500 or more. Each additional mole will likely be less like 200-500 for each additional mole. The region or city that you get this done will impact the pricing. The reputation of the surgeon will also affect it as well based on supply and demand forces. If there is anything suspicious with your mole you can get it removed through insurance coverage. But doing this may put you in a situation where the results may not be as good as you are expecting. The surgeon who removes it for possible cancer risks is less concerned about how it looks afterwards. Other obvious reasons dictate what your results will be.

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Dr. Young from Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery.

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