Moles: is it a suspicious mole or not

Moles – is it a suspicious mole or not by Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue: There are certain things you should look out for in a mole when considering if it is a cancerous mole or not. Most doctors use the acronym ABCD’s. Asymmetry. Is the mole symmetric? If it is there is less chance that the mole is cancerous. Border: Is the border irregular or not. If it is irregular and has uneven boreders or dark spots like moles that have popped up next to it then this is worrisome. Color: If the mole has undergone some recent color changes this is something that you should be more worried about. Diameter: Most people feel that moles that are greater than 1 cm in length are more likely than ones that are not to be more at risk of having something atypical or not as normal. Bleeding from the mole that is spontaneous is not a very good thing to have. Some people feel that itchiness or discomfort can be a worrisome sign as well. So if your mole has some of these characteristics you should consider removing the mole in its entirety to get a full diagnosis with healthy margins. The pathologist needs healthy margins to make a more reliable diagnosis.  Hope this helps! You can read more about Mole | Skin Lesion Removal.

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