Jaw Silicone Lateral Implants and determining what size you need

In general, we use implantech implants and their silicone jaw implants come in 3 sizes 8,10,12 mm. This is the amount of lateral projection for the jaws. The first way to see how they would look is to place the sizers on the area we put the jaw implants to see how they will look based on the outline that they create. Sizers are the exact same size as the actual implants and are used to test to see how they look in there before opening up the actual implant. These same sizers can be used to determine how they will look on a person. The second option is through morphing and using a computer system that can change your before picture to give you an idea of what it can look like after the procedure.

A word about custom lateral silicone jaw implants. In my opinion, most of the cosmetic concerns that people have can be handled by the implants that are made by implantech. These implants have gone through multiple designs and have been shown to create the most ideal enhancements. In fact, because we do revisions of jaw implants as well. Quite often the custom implants are the ones that seem to require more adjustments or revisions.

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Dr. Young from Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery.

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