Questions about Rhinoplasty for the Ethnic Clientele:

This was a question answer session on Rhinoplasty for a person with Asian ethnicity that was wondering about augmentation for the bridge and the nasal tip. Asian and Ethnic Rhinoplasty can many times mean augmentation or the need to add tissue to shape the nose. This is more common in the Asian Clientele. Often times the cartilage in their nose tend to be weak, disjointed, soft and unlike normal cartilage anatomy. Also the resources of cartilage in the septum tend to be scant and weak as well. Hence, other resources can sometimes be needed such as the ear and rib. The rib tends to be the last  resort given the invasiveness of the approach.  Medpor can sometimes offer some building materials and this has worked well in the Ethnic Asian Clientele.
1.  Do you think I have enough cartilage for my bridge and tip without going to the ribs? Yes I do. The limitation would be how high you can make your bridge and how much you would need for your nose. One ear cartilage can be used for the tip and the other used for the bridge. We would also harvest all we could from your septum including bone and cartilage.
2.  Would there ever be a need to remove an implant made from cartilage? . You shouldn’t if you like it. Once formed you can also alter it. Medpor is something that can be altered as well. It starts acting like your own tissue at 12 weeks. But I understand the fear of implants and natural cartilage is the best.
3.  Some websites say that implants from cartilage can get absorbed or warped over time.  How much chance is there of that? .They would be absorbed in the first few months but not later. Warping is more of an issue with rib cartilage. The ear cartilage is minced and takes on what you shape it into.
4.  Some literatures  also indicate that cartilage donor sites can die.  Is that possible and if so what will happen? .donor sites? Not sure about what exactly your asking but this is not something that has been a problem. 
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