Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery Results

Beverly Hills Plastic surgeon EXCLUSIVELY weighs in on Renee Zellweger's new look!


I had many clients and other people mention about Renee Zellweger’s plastic surgery so I thought I weigh in on her results. She does look different. I think with celebrities we have in our minds a set picture of what they look like and there are many things that are related to this person which includes all of her movies. Over time people change and we see a gradual transition and we are okay with that. A sudden change presents more of a shock for people in this case.

The article discusses laser resurfacing, botox, fillers, upper eyelid lift and browlift. I think that all of those things could have been done but I don’t think that she had a brow lift. An eyelift can have a major impact on someone’s looks. A interesting study looked at the eye movements one makes when analyzing a new face and what we find, not surprisingly is that the iris is where we spend the most time looking at. This was pretty important in my discovery of a new theory on facial beauty. This is also the reason that if you do something to the eyes, your perception of what a person looks like will be drastically altered like it is in this case. In my expert opinion, I see that the major changes that have taken place is in the eyes and specifically an upper eyelid lift is what she had done and not much has changed. But because it was her eyes, a major impact and change was Perceived.

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