Facial Contouring in Korea

I’m here in Korea right now studying more on Facial Contouring. I’ve been doing contouring in some manner for 6 years here in Bellevue. I have been in Seattle for 3 years before that working on Facial Aesthetic Surgery in other ways. Prior to that I was working in Trauma surgery at Santa Rosa Medical Center and then for another 6 years doing facial contouring with facial trauma at Louisiana Shreveport and Los Angeles at the University of Southern of California.

Korean Facial ContouringThe above picture is a result from one of the clinics | offices I visited in Seoul Korea. This is an amazing result. She looks completely different and much prettier. She underwent bijaw or 2 jaw surgery to impact her upper jaw and reduce the distance from her nose to her lip and show less teeth from the top or upper teeth dentition | maxilla.  She also went through jaw angle and cheek contouring with shaping of the chin as well called Genioplasty.  In Korea, I saw about 8 cheek contouring surgeries, 9 jaw angle contouring, and 11 genioplasties. They really do alot of facial contouring surgery. They have people from all over the world come see them. I saw people from Russia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

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Dr. Philip Young


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