The Korean Plastic Surgeons: our trip to Seoul Korea and Gangnam

We are currently staying in The Gangnam District. This district (Hangul: 강남구; hanja: 江南區; RR: Gangnam-gu) is one of the 25 gu (local government districts) which make up the city of Seoul, South Korea. Gangnam [kaŋnam] literally means “South of the (Han) River”. Apparently, The Greater Gangnam real estate make up 10% of the land value of the entire country. This area has been known as the Beverly Hills of Korea. Apartment values are average about 950 per square feet. New York Cities average is 1454.

I’m here specifically to see more facial contouring procedures made popular by the Korean Plastic Surgeons.  Malar | Cheek contouring involves the movement of the cheek bone more inward to make the cheeks look smaller and more feminine. Jaw contouring involves making the jaws more slender and less masculine. We will update this blog with more pictures soon.

There are very interesting differences between South Korea and America. Apparently, people tend to work 6 days out of the week. They recently past a law that workers can only work 5 days a week. Kids typically go to school from the 7-9 in the morning until 9 at night. After school, kids go to an academy for more learning until 9 at night. Academics is paramount here. Koreans are very friendly here and we are having a great time.

Today is Saturday and we are headed to a seafood walking tour. I’m going to try to be brave and have a live squid, meaning it will be still moving as I eat it!

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