Chin Implant revision story. Things to learn about your Chin Augmentation revisional procedure.

This is based on a true story: We recently had a patient who came to us with a chin implant placed through a revision procedure by a well known surgeon in our community. The chin implant was protruding off the bone and was causing pain and asymmetry. We were worried about the implant coming out of the skin. The patient was worried about this and the pain it was causing.  This was their second chin implant in the same location. We were going to do the third chin revision implant surgery. What we found was that the nerve had a lot of scar tissue that prevented our visualization of the nerve. This was likely the reason the implant was forced into a more inferior location. This lower placement directed the lateral wings of the implant off the inferior edge of the jaw bone. Thankfully, through careful dissection we were able to find the nerve. This allowed us to elevate more of the tissue off the jaw bone and allow the right location of the implant. After the procedure, the patient was very happy with the outcome and there was no more protrusion from the bone and no more continual pain. Click here to read more about Chin Implant Revisional Surgery.

By Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue Wa

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