Chin Implant learning videos update

We just updated our page on live videos on chin implant surgery covering topics like revision surgery, chin reduction surgery, keys to a successful revision chin surgery, and fillers in the chin to help with chin aging. For chin implant revision surgeries, if you are considering a smaller implant, you should know that putting a smaller implant is better than taking the original chin implant out without putting anything back in. If no chin implant is replaced, the chin can ball up and deformities can arise.  Chin revision surgeries always make the mental nerve harder to identify. Also we believe in fixing the chin implant and leaving less room for error. Titanium screws fix the chin implant so that there is less motion, there is less risk for movement and asymmetry, there is less chance for infections, there is less erosion. This takes longer but we like the much better results.

For chin reduction surgery you will see how it is done in a live video demo. We make the incision under the chin in a well hidden position. Chin reduction can be done for feminization for females and transgender females. The chin is burred down with a drill and soft tissue is removed to help the chin adapt.

Fillers in the chin can help with chin aging. A new view is that the chin shrinks so that marionette lines and nasolabial folds become more prominent. Filling in the chin can have a major impact on making someone look younger in the mouth region

Dr Philip Young and our Team at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

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