Large Pores from Acne Scars and Use of Retinoids

Large pores and scars from acne that are similar can be described as an ice pick scar. Ice pick scars respond differently than other acne scars like box car or undulating scars. Ice pick scars require that the skin be raised up to the rest of the level of the skin. What is required is controlled trauma from chemical peels or lasering to do this. The skin anatomy can explain some of the reasoning behind this. There are multiple layers in the skin. There’s the Superficial dermis and then there’s reticular dermis and deeper parts of the skin. Ice pick scars are more in the superficial and upper reticular dermis and are formed of tight scar tissue. They require controlled trauma to get them to raise up. In terms of your Retinoids, you may want to consider cutting down on doing them everyday to maybe once a week. You can find what your skin responds to. Often times people put too much retinoids on at once and too many consecutive days that your skin can get burned out.

Dr Philip Young and our Team at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

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