Lip Augmentation Options Seattle Bellevue

Lip Augmentation Options Seattle Bellevue:

Having big lips can be really important for someone’s looks. Big doesn’t mean that increasing the size is going to do it all. You have to know the aesthetics. Based on Dr. Young’s Theory on Beauty. The upper lips should be 1/2 the colored part of the eye or iris. The lower lips should be 1 Iris Width.  You can click here and read more about Dr. Young’s Theory on Beauty.  The width of the pucker is also important. If you follow the links you can read more about Dr. Young’s theory. Essentially the pucker should be about the same width as the width of the eye. Why is the lips so important to aesthetics. The lips are the entrance to the mouth and oral cavity. It is associated with many elements of humans animalistic part of the body. The lips and mouth are associated with eating, yelling, biting, i.e. some of the most primitive elements of our body’s. When you enhance the lips you enhance someone’s animal sexuality.

There are temporary and permanent options. The main option for temporary lip augmentation are fillers. Permanent options include Permalip Silicone Implants, Lip VY Advancement, Lip Lifts, and Fat injections. you can click here to read more about these options: Lip Injections Augmentation of Seattle Bellevue.

Dr Philip Young and our Team at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

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